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Rhode Island
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  • 18491. Quinn, A. and Swann, D. H.   Bibliography of the Geology of Rhode Island.   Rhode Island Port and Industrial Development Commission, 1950, Bibliography, 26 pages with 2 figures.   Printed wraps, usual signs of use and age discoloration, text in very good condition.    $5.00

  • 103111. USGS.   Surficial geology of the Compton Quadrangle, Rhode Island.   United States Geological Survey, 1956, Geologic Quadrangle Map of the United States, GQ 94 : .   Softbound, in original map envelope, very good condition.   Original Publication, Not a Modern Reprint.   $9.00

  • 75622. Rosenshein, J. S. et al.   Hydrologic characteristics and sustained yield of principal ground-water units; Potowomut-Wickford area, Rhode Island.   United States Geological Survey, 1968, U.S. Geological Survey, Water-Supply Paper, W1775.   Softbound text in hardbound map case, xlib, very good condition.    $37.00

  • 116794. Willey, C. H. and Halla, B. F.   Mute Swans of Rhode Island.   Rhode Island Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife, 1972, Wildlife Pamphlet, Number 8 : 47 pages.   Softbound, previous owners stamp, very good condition.   Original publication, not a modern reprint.   $7.00

  • 35607. Barlow, P. M. and Dickerman, D. C.   Numerical-Simulation and Conjunctive-Management Models of the Hunt-Annaquatucket-Pettaquamscutt Stream-Aquifer System, Rhode Island.   United States Geological Survey, 2001, Geological Survey Professional Paper, 1636 : 1-88, 19 figures, 24 tables, and 1 fold-out plate in back pocket.   Printed wraps, xlib, very good condition.    $11.00

Results 1 - 5 of 5

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