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  • 128350. Thompson, B. H.   History and Present Status of the Breeding Colonies of the White Pelican (Pelecansu erythrorhynchos) in the United States.   United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Washington D. C., 1933, Contribution of the Wild Life Division, Occasional Paper, Number 1 : 82 pages with 2 distribution maps.   Softbound, minor signs of use, very good condition.    $13.00

  • 113357. Wright, G. M. and Thompson, B. H.   Fauna of the National Parks of the United States - Wildlife Management in the National Parks.   United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, 1935, Fauna Series, Number 2 : 142 pages with 61 figures.   Softbound, some spine wear, text in very good condition.    $10.00

  • 24493. Good, J. M. et al.   The Dinosaur Quarry Dinosaur National Monument.   National Park Service, 1958, Guidebook, 47 pages, well illustrated.   Soft covers, minor signs of use and age, very good condition.    $6.00

  • 136393. Goodwin, R. H. and Niering, W. A.   Inland Wetlands of the United States: Evaluated as Potential Registered Natural Landmarks .   National Park Service, 1975, Natural History Theme Studies, Number 2 : 550 pages with illustrations.   Softbound, previous owners stamp, very good condition.   Original Publication, Not a Modern Reprint.   $17.00

  • 106881. McGrew, P. O. and Casilliano, M.   The Geological History of Fossil Butte National Monument and Fossil Basin.   National Park Service, 1975, NPS Occasional paper, Number 3 : 37 pages with 29 figures.   Softbound, good plus condition.   Original publication, not a modern reprint.   $10.00

  • 99945. Friend, M. et al.   Avian Botulism.   US Fish and Wildlife Service and National Park Service, 1985, , 16 pages with illustrations.   Softbound, very good condition.    $2.00

Results 1 - 6 of 6

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